This ain’t your grandpa’s military memoir. It’s a high-octane, sci-fi thrill ride that drops you right into the heart of a futuristic war. You’ll feel every bullet whizzing past, every bone-jarring impact of the Orbital Drop Armor, and every heart-stopping moment of courage under alien skies.

Tambascia doesn’t just tell his story;
he catapults you into a world where the line between man and machine blurs, where the battlefield is as much a test of the mind as it is of the body. This is military sci-fi at its most authentic, and it’s downright awesome.

ODAT: Baptized in Blood. Strap in.
It’s one hell of a ride at warp speed!

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Alexander Tambascia

Meet LTC. Alexander R. Tambascia, here’s a man who’s lived a life that’s likely more thrilling than your favorite action flick. Having honorably served for 28 years in the U.S. Army Cavalry, Tambascia climbed the ranks, starting as a grunt and making it to SSG before being sent to OCS and commissioned as an Officer in 1996. Tambascia isn’t just a soldier; he’s a genuine warrior. He’s served in several conflicts, including KFOR, SFOR, OIF, and OEF. He’s seen the kind of action that would make many a grown man’s blood run cold, but not Tambascia. He’s got ice in his veins and fire in his heart. If that wasn’t enough, he served under the Bush 43 Administration for 18 months at the White House. Yeah, you read that right—the White House.

No matter how great, every warrior must rest sometime. Now medically retired, he’s living the good life in picturesque New England with his family and his furball partner in crime, who is also a fellow veteran.

His pup also served her country honorably as one of the Army’s elite K9 team. She now enjoys cookies and table scraps regularly.

LTC. Alexander R. Tambascia is the real fucking deal.

He’s here to take you on a ride you’ll never forget.

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