ODAT: Orbital Drop Armor Team Baptized in Blood

ODAT: Orbital Drop Armor Team Baptized in Blood isn’t just another military sci-fi novel; it’s a battle-hardened testament to 28 years of honorable service, courage, and grit. From the trenches of wartime to a prestigious White House duty post,
follow the journey of LTC. Tambascia, who climbed the ranks, served honorably under Bush 43 and fought in some of the most intense conflicts of our time.

Now medically retired and living in New England with his Army K9 pal, who is not only man’s best friend but a fellow veteran, and his family,
the author’s story is an unapologetic salute to those who’ve worn the uniform with a sci-fi twist. Dive into a world where fiction meets reality, and get ready for a genuinely gripping tale you won’t want to put down. 🚀

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